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The Aztec Code is a two-dimensional barcode, standardized in ISO/IEC 24778, that can store over 3,000 characters in up to 32 layers. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free barcode generator?

A free barcode generator is software that takes a text input and converts it into a machine-readable barcode free of charge. The barcode image can then be saved, e.g, as a PNG file.

How can I create a barcode for free?

Simply input the data you would like to encode into the free barcode generator and choose the barcode type you want to use. The software then generates the barcode for you.

Are free barcode generators safe?

You should only use barcode generators from credible sources. To make sure that the generated barcode is safe, scan it yourself afterwards with a barcode scanner app that allows you to preview its contents before opening it.