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Especially in the areas of accounting and taxes, there is a need to digitize vast amounts of documents, such as receipts, invoices, or deposit checks on a daily basis. With the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK, your employees and clients can easily capture these documents using their smartphones or tablets. Thanks to our powerful image enhancement technology, users can create high-quality scans within just 3 seconds – eliminating the tedious manual transfer of documents.

Image optimization

Scanbot SDK Perspective Correction

Perspective correction

Scanbot SDK Blur Detection

Blur detection

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Data security is crucial in tax & accounting. That’s why our SDKs work exclusively on the end-user’s device. We never process, track, or store any data on our or any third party server. With our encryption features, we ensure that your users’ scanned data is safe, at rest and in transit, from external attacks.

Document Encryption


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100% offline

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"WOW" your users with a self-explaining scanning solution

With our solutions, your users can create scans with ease. Thanks to the SDK’s self-explaining user guidance and intuitive interface, even non-tech-savvy users can capture documents without a problem. It doesn’t matter what mobile device they use: Our SDKs work in both smartphone and web apps.

Scanbot SDK User Guidance

User guidance

Scanbot SDK Auto Scanning

Automatic capture

Any Mobile Device

Any mobile device

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Using the Cropping and Automatic page detection built by Scanbot SDK, we save a tremendous amount of development time and have a great user experience.

Developer @ Taxfix

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