How Rimi Baltic reduced its Scan & Go costs by 90% using Scanbot SDK

Rimi Baltic

RIMI Baltic Success Story

Rimi Baltic is one of the fastest-growing retail enterprises in the Baltics, operating around 280 stores across Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Offering omnichannel grocery shopping, they provide their customers with the shopping experience of the future.



Company Size

11,000+ employees

Use Case

A scalable and user-friendly Scan & Go solution for customers



Development Platform




Rimi Baltic aims to offer Scan & Go in 100+ stores via a customer-facing mobile app.



Rimi Baltic sought a user-friendly solution that could be rolled out in 100+ stores in the future with no additional costs per user or device. Additionally, it had to be compatible with iOS and Android.



With the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, Rimi Baltic now offers their customers a first-class scanning experience on iOS and Android at a fraction of the previous solution’s costs. After its integration, Rimi Baltic plans to expand their Scan & Go model to over 100 stores.

Key results

Scanbot SDK Cost Efficient

Decreased costs by 90%


WoW Customers

Customer engagement has doubled


Scanbot SDK Product

Smooth user experience


RIMI Baltic Success Story

Scanbot SDK was able to provide the best pricing model, which made it possible for us to keep our original self-scanning expansion plans. With Scanbot SDK, we were able to optimize costs and focus on providing our customers with the best self-service experience in stores.

Mobile Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

How Rimi Baltic enabled a first-class user experience at the lowest costs with the Scanbot SDK

Rimi Baltic strives to become the leading grocery retailer in the Baltics. Key to this effort is offering customers a state-of-the-art Scan & Go experience in more than 100 stores.

The previously used barcode scanning solution impeded Rimi Baltic’s growth due to its high costs, making expansion and ROI impossible. With Scanbot SDK’s fixed annual pricing model, expansion is no longer a matter of budget. With 98.7% scanning accuracy and a speed of 0.2 seconds per scan, Rimi Baltic’s customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience.

Thanks to the detailed documentation and excellent communication with Scanbot SDK’s support team, the solution was integrated within just one business week.

Rimi Baltic’s Scan & Go workflow with the Scanbot SDK

  1. A customer opens the in-store smartphone scanning feature in their app.
  2. They now simply scan all items they want to buy.
  3. They check out digitally and leave the store.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK into their mobile app, Rimi Baltic managed to …

Create a smooth omnichannel experience for its customers across the Baltic region, positioning themselves as a leader in digital grocery shopping.

Scanbot SDK’s vision and mission

Our initial goal for the Scanbot SDK was for it to read any text-based information via mobile devices – today, this has become a reality. The easy-to-integrate software creates virtually endless possibilities to streamline and facilitate processes for companies, employees, and customers alike, whether in document management, onboarding, sales, or HR.

We now build computer vision algorithms and machine learning models that understand all kinds of different document types. Our efforts open up even more possibilities for automated workflows that connect and process data in real time.

At the same time, we want to protect users’ personal data, which is why we opted for on-device intelligence. Scan results are encrypted before transmission to keep them safe from any outside attacks. To guarantee maximum privacy, no data is ever sent to Scanbot SDK’s or any other server.


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