Smoothly scan and submit expense receipts for recovery


Swica Success Story

One of the leading providers of health and accident insurance in Switzerland.



Company Size

approx. 2000 employees

Use Case

Digital transmission of expense recovery documents in the customer app mySWICA


iOS & Android

Development Platform




SWICA wants to provide its customers with smooth digital processes for transferring recovery documents within the mySWICA app.



To process recovery documents, SWICA needs high-quality scanning capabilities that deliver flawless results and provide a first-class user experience. The previously used scanning feature proved unstable, causing frequent crashes and frustration among customers.



Using the Scanbot SDK, SWICA created a streamlined process for submitting recovery documents. The scanning capabilities are reliable and easy to use. The innovative functions of the Document Scanner enable insured persons to complete administrative procedures quickly.

Key results

WoW Customers

Smooth scanning processes ensure high user satisfaction.


No App - no problem

Optimal scanning results guaranteed, thanks to automatic cropping, rotation, perspective correction, and quality-enhancing image filters.


Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

Quick and easy to integrate into native and cross-platform project.

Swica Success Story

With the Scanbot SDK, SWICA has found a partner for reliable document capture in its digital customer portal. It is an ideal and easy solution to scan and submit recovery documents online within seconds.

SWICA - Alessandra Schudel

Alessandra Schudel

Digital Services Specialist, Product Owner mySWICA @SWICA

SWICA – One of Switzerland’s leading providers of health and accident insurance

The SWICA healthcare organization is one of the most popular health and accident insurance providers in Switzerland. It serves both private customers and companies. It is the only Swiss healthcare organization to offer an integral service chain that covers all the needs of its policyholders: from private and occupational healthcare to general medical care and support for ill and injured patients. To this end, it successfully offers the digital services mySWICA, BENEVITA, and BENECURA.

Swica Case Study

SWICA & Scanbot – Smoothly scan and submit recovery receipts

Around 1.5 million people trust SWICA and its nearly 2,000 dedicated employees. SWICA offers its services at approximately 50 locations within Switzerland and via mobile apps.

Digital functions within the mobile apps are central to SWICA’s comprehensive offering and so are evaluated intensively. In the case of the mySWICA application, the team was faced with finding an easy-to-use, reliable solution for scanning documents that delivers flawless results – essential for fully automated processing in the backend.

Scanbot supports companies with versatile document scanning features that ensure first-class quality, ease of use, and maximum data protection. In years of working with companies from various industries, our experts have gained extensive experience in the best practices and requirements of digital document transmission. Developers can integrate our components within one working week, including adapting the user interface to the corporate design.

By integrating the Scanbot document scanner SDK, the SWICA healthcare organization drastically reduced the time spent on administrative and back-office tasks. Customer satisfaction among mySWICA users also increased thanks to the ease of use and the smooth digital workflow.

The transfer of recovery documents with the scanner plugin used before integrating the Scanbot SDK & problems

  1. A customer scans the expense receipt in mySWICA, using the integrated scan function.
  2. This receipt is then forwarded to the backend of SWICA.
  3. Here, it is automatically processed using OCR software.
  4. Finally, either feedback or payment to the customer is initiated.

The scanning component previously used by SWICA had severe issues. Crashes, the complicated user interface, and a faulty shutter led to poor scan results, delays in the backend, and dissatisfied customers. App ratings reflected those issues. So, a switch to an intuitive, accurate scanning solution became essential.

Increased customer satisfaction with the Scanbot SDK

The above process for submitting recovery documents remained unchanged after the integration of the Scanbot SDK. However, policyholders now enjoy a simple, useful interface, reliable scanning, and a stable app.

Now, the sophisticated user guidance of the Scanbot Document Scanner quickly guides even less tech-savvy customers into the perfect scanning position. Fast, error-free scanning prevents user frustration. Automatic and manual triggering of the camera and editing the scanned PDFs were also crucial features for SWICA to provide customers with a seamless user experience.

Apart from customers, SWICA employees too now benefit from flawless scanning results. Backend processing is now much simpler, faster, and requires fewer manual corrections. The customizability of the Scanbot solution is equally convincing: The user interface (UI) of the document scanner was adapted to the corporate design without any problems. Thus, the mySWICA app now shines in a consistent, straightforward design.

Scanbot SDK’s mission and vision

Originally, Scanbot wanted to scan everything: from simple barcodes to freight bills, medical certificates, and invoices – and now it can! There are endless ways this can make things easier for businesses and their customers. Our easy-to-integrate software simplifies workflows in document management, customer onboarding, sales, or HR.

Now, Scanbot applies computer vision algorithms and machine learning models to understand each individual document type. This opens up new usage scenarios, such as automated document workflows, and creates even more opportunities to connect and work with data in real-time.

At the same time, Scanbot highly values the security of its users’ sensitive data. The Scanbot SDK works exclusively with on-device intelligence, which keeps documents safe from any external or man-in-the-middle attacks. No data is ever stored on Scanbot’s servers or any third-party servers, satisfying the highest data protection standards.

Thanks to the comprehensive support, regular updates and maintenance, and detailed technical documentation, SWICA now benefits from a smooth scanning experience.

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